Meet Cassy in Newcastle (26th Day)

Leave Swami’s Place

I left Swami’s place in the morning, 8:45. I meet a lots of friends here, roommate Brenda, good friend Christian, work partner Nicole, excellent cooker Peggy, painter Yannick, cat abi. Sanjay left here from the first day I came here and came back today after I left. Swami has dementia 😦

At first day, Brenda gave me.
Swami’s Place
The gate

When I got out of Swami’s Yoga Retreat gate, I couldn’t find where was the bus stop. I missed the bus and I

wanted to ask someone for help. A lady drove a car, she saw me then stopped. She drove me to the bus station. She was so kind.

Newcastle Beach YHA

Newcastle Beach YHA is very close to the Beach of course.




Outside YHA, 3 minutes walk to the beach

Beautiful Day in Newcastle

In the Park outside of YHA
I lay on the grass
what I saw in the park
Everywhere you wanted to take photos

Cassy and I meet in the park. Then Cassy shew me around Newcastle. We talked a lot.


We went to the beach




Piano in every block

Cassy told me, there are pianos in newcastle every block. Everyone can play it. It’s artists who put them there. What an amazing idea!

Someone is playing the piano
We went to the library
Look at that building, it was a large picture!

I am so tired now, actually it’s 21 August. I am in Blue Mountains Katoomba YHA.

I like Newcastle. It’s a small, quiet, friendly, beautiful city. Blue sky, warm sun, lovely beach, friendly people.

Although we were both tired that day. Most of time I was talking with Cassy. It’s crazy she is 40 year old. I always thought she was twenties something.

Everywhere I wanted to take photos.

I want to stay there with boj in the future. Maybe we will try, who knows.

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