Port Stephens (27th Day)

Actually it’s 3rd September now. I am in my University. I try to recall what I did in last 5 days in Australia and tell you.

In the morning, Newcastle Beach YHA staff disappeared for 15 minutes when I needed to check out and store my luggage in storage room… I almost missed the bus in 8:10… BAD. Lazy staff.

I was still travelling with Cassy. Port Stephens was a place Cassy suggested to go. So we went to Port Stephens today. We wanted to go kayaking there. It took us almost 2 hours by bus from Newcastle to Nelson Bay.

Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay is a popular tourism place in Port Stephens. It cost us some times to buy a sunglasses and sunhat there. I bought 2 small boomerangs from the souvenir shop. You know, I didn’t have many days left in Australia 😦 I needed to buy souvenirs for my family and friends from now on.

It was feeding fishes time, so we saw many fish. Cassy told me it was not allowed to fishing here. All the boats here were for entertainment.


Boats in Nelson Bay

It was much more fun to travel with a friend, specially after so many days alone. We could do some different things here, such as Dolphin Watching, Whales Watching, Kayaking, Fish Feeding and go to Mount Tomarre. We decided to see the Dolphin Watching first.

Before we went to Dolphin Boat  

Dolphin Watching small boat, $18 for students. I bought a hair band because Cassy wore it and the strong sea wind always made my hair a mass! So my hair style changed!


A path, many trees died here because of a kind of ants…
Holiday house, most time was empty

Dolphin Watching

There were some wild dolphins in this sea. Sometimes they would swim and jump out of sea. We needed to wait and watch carefully.

Our small dolphin boat, Cassy
Not many people in our boat
Most time we just could see a small part of a dolphin
Sometimes dolphins appeared nearby
It was the best photo I took in dolphin watching
Views we saw in the boat
For the first time in forever, I wore Sunglasses… Joking


Mount Tomaree

Something sad, staff in place sale tickets told me, it was not available to go kayaking this month until September.

Also it was a little bit late after dolphin watching and walking in a path. Cassy was too tired to go to Mount Tomaree with me. So she stayed near the beach, I went to the summit!

The road to the mountain!
The road to the summit!
This was what I saw on the top of Mount Tomaree


A famous gesture haha
We were surrounded by sea
Almost sunset time
Nelson Bay – where we were in the morning!
On the summit
When I went down of the mountain


Samurai Beach Bungalows

It was the name of Port Stephens YHA. We were so tired after whole day’s walk. We ate Fish Chips as our dinner, shared it. Then we talked, talked, talked to much… and missed the bus. Exactly we didn’t find the bus stop. Cassy tried to hitchhiking and it did work. A man drove us to YHA 🙂 SO NICE.

Fish Chips and sweet potato

It was an unique YHA, didn’t like any YHA I lived before. But I will show you tomorrow. Good night.

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