Stockton Sand Dunes (28th Day)

Port Stephens YHA

We arrived Port Stephens YHA last night, first time I slept in a mix room. Our roommates were 3 other men. Cassy and I, our beds were upstairs, it seems more safe.

Here different parts of YHA weren’t in the same building. There were not a big building, but some small houses in a large garden.

Swimming Pool




Cassy told me this hostel’s staffs were a couple. They made their house into a hostel. It was a good idea! Anyway, we didn’t sleep well that night, chicken sung very early as well as roommates made lot of noise. What surprised me was Cassy got a job here, because she knew the lady staff and she knew her. We left here in the morning.

Fishermans Bay

Today most time I was talking to Cassy, we always were walking and talking. I knew more about Cassy, I would talk about Cassy later. She was an legendary woman, I learned a lot from her. I used to admire her, wanted to travel like her. When I knew more about her, I shocked, I turned to think about her life.

Cassy thought she was my Guide here, actually she was. But she was my friend more than a guide. We didn’t have a plan route, I wanted to go to the big dunes I saw in google map.

First, Cassy shew me around the Fishermans Bay. She thought I would like here, yes I did.



It was hot, I took off the coat.
We saw three rabbits in the grasses!!

Anna Bay and Big Dunes

After that we walked through the bush, climbed a small hill and took a bus to Anna Bay. We were tired, we ate some kiwifruit, cookie etc we bought. I was exhausted until I ate a big $9 chicken burger. Poor me!!


Cassy were making a grass shell as I taught…

Cassy couldn’t walk with me, so she had rest here and I walked to explore the dunes.






I didn’t walk far, so I missed the biggest dune. I managed to let Cassy go with me again. This time we saw views more impressed.


The red point was me





We stayed on the top of big dunes until sunset, Cassy said we would misses the bus so she went back first. I stayed there to see sunset by my eyes. Then we ran, ran, ran to the road. We crossed the sand place and climbed the fence net ( Cassy climbed while I found a hole in the net and went out through the hole 🙂

Finally, I caught the bus back to Newcastle. We said goodbye to each other.

I would go to Blue Mountain tomorrow morning while Cassy would go later. So I needed to make a plan by myself.

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